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Vinyl lettering - Opaque Oracal 651 vinyls

Opaque Vinyl lettering

Please fill in sizes of the final artwork or particular graphics.

Files can be uploaded on the bottom of the page.


(£30.00 incl.VAT)
Oracal 651-010 Oracal 651-020 Oracal 651-019 Oracal 651-021 Oracal 651-022 Oracal 651-025 Oracal 651-026 Oracal 651-312 Oracal 651-030 Oracal 651-031 Oracal 651-032 Oracal 651-047 Oracal 651-034 Oracal 651-036 Oracal 651-035 Oracal 651-404 Oracal 651-040 Oracal 651-043 Oracal 651-042 Oracal 651-041 Oracal 651-045 Oracal 651-562 Oracal 651-518 Oracal 651-050 Oracal 651-065 Oracal 651-049 Oracal 651-086 Oracal 651-067 Oracal 651-057 Oracal 651-051 Oracal 651-098 Oracal 651-052 Oracal 651-084 Oracal 651-053 Oracal 651-056 Oracal 651-066 Oracal 651-054 Oracal 651-055 Oracal 651-060 Oracal 651-613 Oracal 651-061 Oracal 651-068 Oracal 651-062 Oracal 651-064 Oracal 651-063 Oracal 651-080 Oracal 651-083 Oracal 651-081 Oracal 651-082 Oracal 651-023 Oracal 651-070 Oracal 651-073 Oracal 651-071 Oracal 651-076 Oracal 651-074 Oracal 651-072 Oracal 651-090 Oracal 651-091 Oracal 651-092 white matt black matt
For your window/glass lettering fitted from inside and you wish to have them readable from outside chose option "Mirror Cut".
Price in points: 2540 points
Reward points: 25 points
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Quick, easy to fit, professional look and durable lettering for your new or existing boards, signs, doors, walls or panels, Shop window letters & signs, "Sale", "Discount" Signs, Opening hours, Vehicle graphics for fun / advertising, Business promotion, website decals, Car stickers, Racing and motorsports vinyl lettering, House numbers, Mailbox letters, Company identification, Signs around the office/shop, Storefront advertising, Decorative wall letters and for much more!


More than 50 standard colours to choose from.

Outdoor opaque vinyl durability is up to 5 years.

Suitable for flat metal, plastic, glass and painted wooden surfaces. Not suitable for dusty or uneven surfaces.

Job previews available over the email or in your account.

Artworks with letters or graphics smaller than 25.4mm in height or small and difficult graphic patterns will be priced as an extra (after placing an order and receiving the artwork or by requesting a quote).

If you need to create artwork or design please choose option above or use our online web designer app.

Vinyl graphics are separated from waste vinyl and come with applied transfer film. After aplication only letters or graphics are on surface without any clear background.


Do you need to help with fitting or removing old vinyl signs? No problem, contact us for more details.